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    CV of WONG Yung-shing (黃雍盛)

    Office : 3/F, Kingdom Power Commercial Building, 32-36 Des Voeux Road West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
    Mobile  : (852) 6461-1208
    Office Direct : (852) 2891-9861
    Email : yungshing@dpval.com

    Current Post

    • Founder, Dynasty Premium Group

    • CEO & Group Managing Director, Dynasty Premium Asset Valuation & Real Estate Consultancy Limited

    • Managing Director, Dynasty Premium Asset Management Limited

    • Managing Director, Dynasty Premium Property Agency Limited

    • Managing Director, Dynasty Premium TCM & Pain Management Limited (Family Business in Woodlock Medicated Oil, TCM production, and Pain Management)

    • Executive Director, Data Oasis Limited (Founder of a real estate and legal property rights data bank)


    Concurrent Occupation

    • Chartered Surveyor

    • Property & Business Agent

    • ICT (Property Information & Communication Technology) Developer

    • Senior Expert Witness of property rights, building management disputes and quantum valuation


    Posts of Community Service

    • Whoms.net Online Radio DJ (2009-2010)

    • Event Management Director & Master Controller for commercial & NGO institutions

    • Part-time adjunct lecturer in the universities and community colleges

    • Regular article author for real estate companies and websites

    • Academic website blog contribution (http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/yungshing88) to mother secondary school


    Academic Attainments

    • LLB(Hons.) (University of London)(2004)

    • Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Land Administration (London)(1990)

    • Professional Diploma in Estate Management (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)(1989)


    Relevant Professional Qualification

    • Corporate Membership of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS)(1992)

    • Corporate Membership of Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (MHKIS)(1994)

    • Corporate Membership of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (MCIArb)(1992)

    • Corporate Membership of Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators (AHKIArb)(1992)

    • Registered Professional Surveyor of Hong Kong (RPS)(mid-1990)

    • Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Real Estate Administrators (MHIREA) (2005)

    • Licenced Estate Agency under Estate Agency Ordinance


    Breadth of Abundant Professional Experience

    • Concurrently practising in Hong Kong 23 years with the latest 11 years running own one-stop hybrid business of :
      • property surveying (with law) and property & building management consultancy,

      • asset valuation / damages quantum valuation,

      • ICT commercial infrastructure / networks & real estate structured data products,

      • interior design & revitalization works, anti-water leakage engineering works, internal reinstatement works,

      • old building acquisition project (since 1989) for governmental institutions, private developers & investors,

      • land development and medium-sized construction project,

      • building project management and project co-ordination with AP & RSE services,

      • litigation support in valuation of civil damages and expert witness services for disputes in property rights & minor interests and property management,

      • market research & feasibility study of various investment & business projects,

      • market research of evidence for civil damages claim,

      • advisory on Tso and Tong’s succession and family arrangement.

      • business (natural resources-petroleum and clean energy (coal) & financing) agency.

    • Having worked and received formal, generally-accepted professional practice training in famous international property consultancy and surveyor firms, including Jones Lang Wootton (now known as Jones Lang Lasalle)(1991-1992) and Vigers Hong Kong Limited (1993 to early 2001), from the post of management trainee to the post of fee-earning Directorship.
    • Providing with expert witness performance in legal issues of civil damages claims, forensic valuations, property rights and minor interests, full-range valuations of tangible asset (real estates in Hong Kong, Macau, and PRC, and machinery & equipment), intangible asset (goodwill, hotel management rights, enterprises value, business transactions, film library, franchises, licensing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc) and intellectual properties (copyrights, computer softwares, on-line games, etc), IPO / public disclosure, land resumption compensation / business loss / disturbances claims, and old building acquisiton.
    • Concurrently dealing with various property dispute cases under the law and policy of Lands Department, Rating & Valuation Department, Lands Tribunal and High Court cases as an expert witness for 23 years and recognised by Lands Tribunal, District Court, High Court and Court of Final Appeal for judicial rulings.


    Personal Track Records

    • Continuous performance in asset valuation for eminent tycoon clients, listed companies, corporate clients, solicitor & CPA firms, in Hong Kong since 1992 and maintaining a reputation and credibility among the clients
    • Continuous overwhelming winning performance in cases of adversarial valuation dispute, resumption-related compensation, old building acquisition price compensation, building management, and civil damages litigation
    • A record of being the Senior Private-practicing Chartered Litigation and Valuation Surveyor of Directorship with legal education and training background in Hong Kong providing hybrid unique service of “property rights with law in property surveying” since 2004 until now
    • Innovate a practical computerized integrated property data bank (https://www.dolhk.com) incorporating the land law element in the soft-data products for practices of land administration, old building acquisition, conveyancing, land title vertification, property valuation, property insurance and financing, property management, and building facility management
    • 1st ICT Developer (expertise in real estate industry) with Chartered Surveyor qualification under the approved list of OGCIO (Office of the Government Chief Information Officer) (since 2008)

    Year of Professional Practice Experience

    • About 23 years of concurrent practice experience in real estate (surveying) industry in 2011

    Community Services

    • Professional Examination Chairman & Panel Assessor of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Hong Kong Branch) (2006-2011)
    • Guest Speaker for NOW Cable TV Program for the programme of “Daily Property”(2009)
    • Guest DJ for UonLive and Whom.Net for the real estate programme of “你想家居” (http://www.whoms.net) (since July 2009 - Jul 2010)
    • Mentors of 14 students in Tin Shui Wai (2008-2009)
    • English Guest lecturer for SPACE of the Hong Kong University in Advance Diploma in Shopping Centre Management course (April 2008 to August 2008)
    • President–Elected for the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Sunrise (Jul 2008 – Jun 2009)
    • Honour Secretary for the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Sunrise (Jul 2007 – Jun 2008)
    • Club Services Director for the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Sunrise (Jul 2006 – Jun 2007)
    • Mentor for student mentees of Queen’s Elizabeth Old Boys Secondary School (2006-2007)
    • Director of The General Commerce Chamber of New Territories (2004-2010)
    • Vice Chairman / Executive Committee of Alumni Association of University of East London (2007-2010)
    • Vice Chairman of Alumni Association of Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School (2007 – 2011)
    • Authorized Development Consultant for the Elderly Home for the Yuen Yuen Institute (2007 – 2008)
    • English Guest Lecturer of City University of Hong Kong in Honours Degree (Year 2) course of Surveying on the subject of real estate appraisal (12 January 2005 to April 2005)
    • English Guest Lecturer of City University of Hong Kong in Honours Degree (Year 2) course of Surveying on the subject of real estate appraisal (5 September 2005 to November 2005)

    Social / Philanthropic Activities

    • Executive Committee member of HKIS JO and CPD Convenor, Junior Organization of HKIS (1989 – 1993)
    • Article contributor to various newspapers in Hong Kong (2000-2001)
    • Donation of medical materials to Junior Organization of the HKIS for dragon boat race (April 2003)
    • APC Professional Examination (GP Surveyors) Workshop Lecturer (Sep – Dec 2004)
    • Presentation addressing to International Licensing Society (Hong Kong Chapter) (10 June 2004)
    • Election Agent to a Legislative Councilor candidate of Architectural, Surveying & Urban Planning Functional Constituency (June – August 2004)
    • Guest Speaker to Hong Kong South Branch of YMCA on the topic of intangible rights and interests in land with reference to Land Titles Ordinance (Cap. 26) (11 July 2004)
    • Guest Speaker of HKIS Continuing Professing Development (CPD) Program on the topic of business loss claim with reference to the famous Lands Tribunal case, Santal Limited v SFT (14 January 2005)
    • Mandarin Guest Speaker for the PRC students of Master Degree course of Project Management (Real Estate Development) (which is jointly organized by the City University of Hong Kong and the Beijing Teachers’ University; and the lecture topic on “Different methods of assessing and calculating the acquisition and resumption compensation of lands and buildings in Hong Kong” (08 April, 2005)
    • Guest Speaker to In-house training programme of Home Affairs Department on the topic of “Impact of Land Titles Ordinance Cap. 585 on Building Management” (7 May 2005)
    • Annual financial donation to The Hong Kong Polytechnics University (2004-2009)
    • Article contributor to “Hong Kong Surveyor Times” (2004-2005)
    • English / Cantonese Guest Speaker to the Continuing Professional Development program organized by Professional Learning Institute on topics of land law.
    • Current Article Contributor under the column of “Chartered Surveyor’s Talk” operated & administered by Many Well Property Agency Limited (2008-2009) (http://www.manyw.com/article)

    Relevant partial track records of professional expert witness cases

    • Under Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance (Cap. 545) - The 1st chartered surveyor to win the pioneer unreported case of claiming higher, reasonable amount of the private acquisition price in the Lands Tribunal in early 2000 upon the merging of the sites for the Pacific Place Phase III in Admiralty.

      Recent winning case of Cap. 545 for higher acquisition price is finished in the case of Upper Kai Yuen Lane, North Point in August 2009 (LDCS 10000 of 2008). The client has been offered by a higher amount of about a multiple 3.0 of the market value on the basis of “existing use value” without litigation involved.

      Current projects - in Tai Kok Tsui and Aberdeen.

    • Under Lands Resumption Ordinance (Cap. 124) - The 1st young chartered surveyor to successfully claim a substantial amount (involving the highest limit of HK$870 million) of resumption compensation from the Lands Department in two largest agricultural land resumption cases for constructing Route 3 and the NTNW Main Drainage in 1996-97 since 1842.

      In March 2009 - October 2010 - successfully convinced the Judge with corroborations to accept my business loss and disturbances payments valuation of approximately HK$47.00 million for a chain-store Chinese restaurant due to the urban renewal development in Shau Kei Wan while the Government offers HK$2.60 million (LDLR 17 of 2006, CACV 201 of 2009, & FAMV 18/ 2010). This case will be kept in the legal system till 30 June 2047.

      In the non-litigation case of land resumption scheme of Hoi Tan Street, the resumption compensation is unprecedently increased by about 45% on top of the market value on the basis of “existing use and state” after voluntary agreement of my compensation valuation in November 2010.

      Current projects– Shau Kei Wan Road, Un Chau Street, Lai Chi Kok Road, Staunton Street, Graham Street.

    • Under Rating Ordinance (Cap. 116) – achieved the 1st winning rating appeal case of open car park in the Lands Tribunal for Urban Parking Limited in September 2003 (LDRA 377 & 378/2002).
    • Major commercial rent review / licence fee disputes – Representing Sincere Department Store twice & one famous chain-store Chinese restaurants once consecutively in 2007-2009 and winning 3 favourable decision from the Independent Valuers against the developer respondents (Henderson Group and Eaton Group) and tenant respondent (McDonald’s Restaurant (HK) Ltd.) represented by 2 leading and famous international property consultancy firms in Hong Kong, DTZ and CBRE

      A litigation case in 2007-2009 for licence fee and negotiation on behalf of a food market operator which works for The Link’s while two food stall operators ask for an excessive rental reduction. The case is eventually withdrawn from the High Court by the food market operator following the advice of our valuation statement (DCCJ Nos. No. 1441 and 1444 of 2006).

    • Under Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap. 112) - Appointed by a famous Macau casino tycoon to act as the sole property advisor for a taxation case (Jan – Nov 2009). 
    • Property agency dispute case – Appointed as the joint single expert by Baker & McKenzie and Iu, Lai, Li & Solicitors representing the developer seller of Ginza Plaza and Midland Property Agency Ltd. against a kick-out purchaser Plaintiff for the disputes of property floor area, internal decoration, and misrepresentation, and successfully assisting in convincing the Plaintiff to reach the out-of-court settlement (July 2009) (HCA No. 2420 of 2005).

      Other solicitor firms inviting Mr. Wong to provide expert witness services in August-November 2009 include Lo & Lo Solicitors, Winston Chu & Company, Solicitors, Mike So, Joseph Lau & Co., Solicitors, Stephenson Harwood & Lo Solicitors, Tang & So Solicitors, ONC Solicitors, etc.

    • Business consultancy & valuation services – the 1st chartered valuation surveyor to assist the 1st private company in Hong Kong to obtain the PRC State Council’s contractual rights of coal mining exploration, refinery and sales in Inner Mongolia in 2005.

      In July 2009, Mr. Wong is appointed to assist one famous hotel hospitality company in entering a 50-year contract of the hotel management rights for the Yan Toi University Hotel.

      In September 2009, Dynasty Premium is appointed by a listed company to serve as the sole agent to purchase the investment project of oil natural resources / coal mining. In October 2010, the steam coal is traded.

      In January 2010 – January 2011, Dynasty Premium is appointed by a private coal chemical client to introduce an investor to a globally-prevalent state-level clean energy (coal conversion and upgrading) project in China territorial.

    • Claim of civil damages for water leakage – Out-of-court claim of the damages for a lower flat owner due to the serious continuous water leakage at an flat unit on M/F, Po Man Building, 74-76 Main Street Aberdeen, Hong Kong (2009-2010).

      Out-of-court counter-claim of the damages to a lower flat owner due to the water leakage and remedial work undertaken to the said lower flat at 68 Conduit Road, Mid-levels Central, Hong Kong (2009-2010).

      Out-of-court settlement for claim of damages due to water leakage at the Flat H, 33/F, Block 3, Tierra Verde, Tsing Yi (May-June 2010).

      Current case (Jan 2011) - claim of damages due to the water leakage arising from the professional negligence (at a villa, York Road, Kowloon Tong).

      Current case - damage of 336 rolls of denim and cotton fabric in a jean-fabric plant in Kwun Tong involving the claim of damages involving about HK$350,000.00 (DCCJ 10 / 2011)  

    • Building Management & DMC dispute – cases at :
      • Arts Mansion (31 Conduit Road) – trespass & nuisance of chattels (wrecked car)

      • M/F of Nam Wing Building (49-51A Sing Woo Road) – advertisement signboard encroachment and mesne profit

      • Sunwise Building (112 Wellington Street) – subdivision of domestic property and reallocation of management fees

      • South Seas Centre (Mody Road, TSTE) – water leakage and damages

      • Greenfield Court (17-21 Seymour Road) – illegal occupation of common area & adverse possession

      • Wah Sen Court (68-70 Conduit Road) – building maintenance, rainwater flooding and liability of external walls

      • Man Hee Mansion (2-12A Johnston Road) - illegal occupation of common area & adverse possession


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